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Hillary Clinton Least Honest And Trustworthy Of All Presidential Candidates, Poll Says

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is viewed as the least honest and trustworthy of all Democratic and Republican candidates, according to the latest YouGov poll.

Asked whether they think Clinton is honest and trustworthy, 56 percent of respondents say she is not. A little more than a quarter of those polled think Clinton is honest and trustworthy.

Republican candidate Donald Trump beat Clinton in the trustworthiness category by four percentage point. Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is seen as overwhelmingly more honest and trustworthy than Clinton. Sanders beats her by a margin of 32 percentage points.

Honesty and Presidential candidates

Honesty and Presidential candidates (Credit: YouGov)

Daily Caller News Foundation“Sanders is the clear winner on a quality that matter most to a third of the public – being honest and trustworthy.  In fact, his rating on honesty is the highest of any of the remaining candidates with the public overall, Republican or Democrat.  Clinton and Republican Donald Trump fare the worst,” writes YouGov’s Kathy Frankovic.

“More Republicans describe Sanders as honest and trustworthy than don’t, by a margin of 46 percent to 36 percent.  Republicans give their party’s frontrunner, Donald Trump, similar ratings as they give Sanders on honesty.  Sanders’ Democratic opponent fares much worse on this characteristic overall and with members of each party.  Just seven percent of Republicans and 48 percent of Democrats describe Clinton as honest and trustworthy.”

Though Clinton loses out in the honesty department, she polls significantly better than Sanders when it comes to readiness to be commander in chief and ability to deal wisely with the economy.

Hillary vs Bernie

Hillary vs Bernie (Credit: YouGov)


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