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WATCH Bold TV: Do Trump and Putin Have an Unhealthy Bromance?

The controversy over President Trump’s relationship with Russia and President Vladimir Putin continues. In a recent tweet, Trump again claims to have no ties with either.

This week on Bold TV, our hosts Carrie Sheffield and Clay Aiken will discuss the United States’ relations with Russia. We plan to cover the Russian election hacking allegations, Trump’s recent Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly, Putin and Trump’s relationship and more. As always, tell us what we should talk about in the comments and we’ll include your ideas in our conversation!

We will be joined by Lisa Dickey and Maria Snegovaya. Lisa is an American journalist, writer and ghost writer, who began writing in the ’90s in Russia. For her most recent book, Lisa took three trips to Russia, tracking down the same people each time over a period of 20 years to find out how their lives had changed. She interviewed people in 11 cities, exploring changes from technology to social norms. Her book, “Bears in the Streets: Three Journeys Across a Changing Russia” showcases Russian citizens’ positive perceptions of Putin.

Born and raised in Russia, Maria is expert on Russian politics and an outspoken Putin critic. She’s a columnist at Russia’s Business Daily Vedomosti based in Moscow and a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University. Her education and research experience will bring a great perspective to our discussion.

As always, we will close with our Opportunity Lives guest. This week’s guest is Patrick Brennan. Patrick will be talking about his Solutions Studio piece on how Trump’s recent executive orders are changing America’s policy on refugees.

You can learn more about our guests here:

Join us tomorrow at 10am ET on our Facebook page! Make sure to #BeBold and join the #BoldTV conversation! See you there!

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*Update: Watch our full episode below*

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