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How Serving in the Military Can Help You Get a Job

When you think of the military, you may think of no sleep and hard work, which doesn’t sound fun. However, there are many advantages and benefits for veterans after their military service, which you can use to your advantage in civilian life. Join David Grasso and Julia Sun as they discuss the advantages that military veterans have when searching for a job.

What are these benefits?

The U.S. military draft ended on July 1, 1973. So, in order to recruit more members, the U.S. military needs incentives for civilians to enlist, resulting in many good benefits, such as a regular salary, health care, and a pension after serving for a certain amount of years. The pension is very helpful when searching for a job because you don’t have to worry about when the next check is coming in. A pension is also good for starting a business because you have cash flow every month that helps finance your endeavors. When applying for a job, there is a military checkbox you typically see when filling out an application. When you check the box, it could move your resume to the top of the pile, especially if you’re applying to a government job or applying at a big, well-known company. The military has a program called the GI Bill that can help cover your tuition. This is a huge plus because you won’t be bogged down with student loans for years to come.

Benefits during the interview

Being in the military also looks good socially. The skills you receive from the military such as discipline, teamwork, punctuality, perseverance and being able to work under immense pressure are skills that all employers look for. When interviewing for a job, interviewers may find the military to be an interesting topic. So, it makes for a good conversation during the interview, easing the awkwardness that comes when interviewing for a position. Interviews aren’t only to see if you’re qualified for the job, it’s also to see if the employer will enjoy working with you, and with an interesting history like being in the military, you can make a good first impression.

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