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How an Outsider in Utah Plans to Push Trump’s Agenda Forward

While Utah has been the breeding ground for “never Trumpers” such as Mitt Romney and Evan McMullin, Debbie Aldrich hopes to be a strong surrogate for the president as she runs for Congress in Utah to replace Jason Chaffetz who left his term early. She said not being a part of the predominant culture makes her an outsider. Even though 21.5% of Utah citizens voted for McMullin in the 2016 presidential election, Aldrich has based her platform on pushing President Donald Trump’s agenda forward.

“With Utah, you pretty much hear the same message from other candidates as well as many of the delegates,” Aldrich said. “They like doing the same thing, because change is often uncomfortable.”

As someone who is half Latina, Aldrich appreciates the efforts Trump is making when it comes to race relations, such as his National Coalition for Diversity. Aldrich said the division in this country is “sickening,” and she blames the Democrats and Barack Obama for it.

“He has polarized this country and has given a false narrative about Latinos, African-Americans and what is happening in these communities,” Aldrich said.

With so many communities hurting, she said she was outraged by how Obama had the biggest platform to unite people and instill a great a message to minorities, but he didn’t use it the way Trump has.

“[Trump] went to Chicago and Milwaukee,” Aldrich said. “He went many times to talk to these people. There’s a large movement for Latinos for Trump, gays for Trump, blacks for Trump. There was a large movement for this, but the mainstream media never reported on that.”

When it comes to former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony and the Russia investigation, Aldrich has mixed emotions. She said Comey has played both sides and believes he is a difficult person to trust.

“We just really don’t know both sides, and they are really the only two people who know the truth,” Aldrich said. I think we wasted so much time on this Russian investigation that they never found any connection to Trump, and they told them that, but yet the mainstream media doesn’t drop it.”

Aldrich said she travels the United States to unite the country, listen to the citizens and find the truth by attending Trump rallies.

“I spent the last couple years on my own expense and time to travel the country to get to the truth and to hear the voice of the people,” Aldrich said. “That’s something I’m not sure any other candidate can say. I’m willing to fight for them, because I am a patriot first.”

As a Delta Airlines flight attendant, who is also a political activist, she said her travel experience throughout the country and world sets her apart.

“I wanted to take that message on the road and talk to people regardless of what party and position they were in, whether they were Democrats or Republicans,” Aldrich said. “Because there are a lot of hurting people across the country for multiple reasons, whether it be healthcare, jobs, taxes.”

She said unlike other politicians she’s not spending “all the money in the world” for her campaign, because she is the message.

“My strategy is basically me, I am the message,” Aldrich said.

Aldrich is running for the same reason she became an activist, she was disappointed in the direction our country was going. She desires to put Americans first by saving the great nation through conservative principles and the constitution.

“My father instilled in us ‘service before self,’ and that’s the military motto,” Aldrich said. “That’s the motto I’m campaigning on, because I have children and grandchildren that will inherit this country. If we don’t make changes now, we may never get to reverse the course that we could be on or that we were headed the last eight years.”

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