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WATCH: How Would You Grade Trump’s Firing of Comey?

Did Trump pass or fail? Emily Anne Epstein, the Executive News Editor at Bustle, and Oz Sultan, a Counter Terrorism and Middle-East Policy Expert, were on Bold TV with Clay Aiken and Carrie Sheffield to grade Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey and Trump’s handling of the situation.

Clay said the reason the firing is upsetting and should be upsetting is not because Comey was or was not good at his job. It’s because it’s almost impossible to pretend that the fact James Comey was investigating the Trump campaign and administration in the Russia situation did not have something to do with it.

I think a lot of us will agree that the timing is odd, Oz said, but he thinks this is the time where the American people need someone new in the house who can clear the air.

“I think McCabe is starting to lead that,” Oz said. “I think we’ll find some new leadership in the days coming.”

Emily said the question comes down to: Does this decision reinstate confidence in the FBI? The chaos that’s happening afterwards, is it good for the country? Is it good for people who want to see a thorough Russia investigation? To which she answered, I think no, especially for millennials who don’t necessarily know what’s going on.

“Is there any confidence that the Trump administration can find someone who’s a real bipartisan voice that can put this Russia issue to bed, really flush it out and dig in,” Emily said. “I don’t think that’s there.”

Carrie uses JFK as an example of how his ratings went up after 100 days, because he took responsibility and owned the bay of pigs situation. Carrie said she doesn’t see Trump coming clean.

“Why doesn’t Trump just own the fact that there are a lots of Russians who have bought real estate in his building,” Carrie said. “Lets just see what those ties are and put it to rest.”

When it came to grading the issue, Clay and Emily both gave D’s to the firing of Comey, while Carrie and Oz gave B’s. When it came to the handling of firing Comey, Clay and Emily gave F’s, Carrie gave a D, and Oz gave a C.

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