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Democrats in Brooklyn Stand Up and Organize Against Trump

In the wake of Trump’s presidency, many Democrats feel that now is the time to organize and stand up. This is what Representative Yvette Clarke, Representative Nydia Velázquez, Representative Hakeem Jeffries, and a panel of organizers and activists emphasized during a town hall meeting at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York.

There were anti-Trump activists from the group Indivisible Guide who conducted polls among the audience by a show of hands. Questions such as “Who is new to political action?” and “Whose first town hall meeting is this?” had significantly more hands raised. Overall, the polls showed that more people are stepping forward for the first time and taking a part in politics. With Donald Trump as president, it seems Democrats are feeling more inclined, now than ever, to be involved.

There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm among the audience and the speakers as they discussed ways to resist the Republican agenda.

Representative Yvette Clarke expressed her gratitude for people who attended the meeting. She stated that they are courageous and are fueled by righteous indignation and hope for the near future.

“You have proved to be ready to do the heavy lifting required to put us back on the track and in the pursuit of progress and prosperity,” Clarke said. “We are on the move and we won’t be stopped.”

There was an eruption of applause after Clarke said in order to change politics, a change in Washington D.C. needs to be made by electing candidates who share their values and are prepared to offer leadership the country needs.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries quoted Winston Churchilll when he encouraged the audience to continue to be courageous.

“The courage for us to continue to resist, the courage for us to continue until Democrats take back the House of Representatives,” Churchill said.

Donna Lieberman was the last to speak and was introduced by Hakeem Jeffries as the “OG.” Libermann concluded by saying New York is not nearly as safe for all of us as it should be, and it’s not even as safe as you think it is.

Following her speech and at the conclusion of this town hall meeting, there were several cheers, applauses, and a standing ovation from many. Then, citizens lined up to ask their questions, which continued to revolve around Donald Trump and actions they could take in order to resist his policies.

One citizen said if Trump loves the blacks, the hispanics, and Cinco De Mayo, why don’t we put him to the test and see what he can do to help Brooklyn?

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