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The Next Vincent van Gogh? Meet Impressionist Painter Leonid Afremov

Bold Style sits down with Leonid Afremov, a Russian–Israeli modern impressionistic artist who works mainly with a palette knife and oils to create masterpieces. His work is known for using bold and beautiful colors that have inspired so many art lovers from around the world. Afremov is an outlier and a name you want to remember in the art world for years to come.

Bold: Why do you paint?
Leonid Afremov: I love to paint, and I have been doing this all my life, but mainly I paint now as a source of income.
Bold: When did you fall in love with painting?
Leonid Afremov: I started painting when I was a little kid on the walls of my house, then I was fascinated with painting in school and kept learning and drawing.
Bold: How was your work first discovered?
Leonid Afremov: my work was actually never discovered by anyone. My thing is that I represent myself and sell only directly without art dealers or gallaries. After 12 years of promotions and presence online; I have become quite known.
Bold: What inspires you when you paint?
Leonid Afremov: My family, my cat, pretty scenery and traveling.
Bold: What kind of emotion are you conveying when you paint?
Leonid Afremov: Usually I’m in a positive mood so I am “happy” while painting.
Bold: What are your expectations for your audience? How would you like them to receive your work?

 “I want the viewer to be happy and feel what I want them to feel. My goal sometimes is to trigger certain emotions. They can be different for everyone.  Sometimes you will feel joy, someone else will feel anger. But what I achieve is that you feel something from the painting.” Leonid Afremov

Bold: How do you manage business and technology in the art world?
Leonid Afremov: I’m not very tech literate, my children do all that technology and commercial side for me. I just paint and enjoy life.

Bold: What is your vision for your work going forward?
Leonid Afremov: To paint more cats. I love cats, and now I have time to paint a lot of them.

Leonid Afremov amidst his work of art, inspired by Cats.

Bold: Which painter from history inspires you?
Leonid Afremov: Claude Monet and Marc Chagall.
Bold: How would you like to be remembered?
Leonid Afremov: I do not want to be remembered. But I want people to remember my art.
Bold:  Top five places you would like to see your work displayed?
Leonid Afremov: I would like my work to be displayed in the Met, Louvre, London Art Museums, and somewhere nice in Italy.
Bold: How can your fans view your work in person?
Leonid Afremov:  In person you can view it in some galleries in New York City, London and Paris. Also in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
Bold: Finally, there is a reoccurring signature in your painting, and that is a melody of color, what does this mean for you?
Leonid Afremov: These kind of paintings represent my personality and lost memories. But mainly people buy them a lot and keep asking for more.
Bold: I know I said finally, but forgive me: If you can describe to the world, how you see the world and elements around you? Do you feel you are gifted with an additional sense to observe the world creatively?
Leonid Afremov: This is a very difficult question.

“I see my world with joy and happiness. I’m an optimist.” Leonid Afremov

Alley of Roses

Alley of Roses – Learn More

Bold:  Is it okay for us to assume that how you paint is how you see your environment? This encourages me to believe that the majority of people in the world see things in one dimension, while truthfully there is an essence of so many layers, colors, rhythms and motion, correct?
Leonid Afremov: Well this is half correct. I rather create a different world, something new that reflects emotions an triggers emotions. I consider myself an impressionist so I try to create an impression or something new to feel.

Leonid Afremov in his element, and space where he finds the most joy & happiness.

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