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Chen on Chinese-U.S. Relations: IP Theft and a Future of Mutual Dependance

Chen on Chinese-U.S. Relations: IP Theft and a Future of Mutual Dependance
Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

In an interview with David Grasso, Lanhee Chen, fellow at the Hoover Institute shared insight into the U.S.-China relationship, thoughts in IP Theft, and his hope for the future of ‘Chimerica.’ The United States and China have been viewed as world superpowers for several years. Between advanced technology, strengthened military and robust, fast-growing economies, both boast of immense global influence. Unfortunately, it is these robust economies which often cause these two superpowers immense friction towards one another.
One of the major problems in the status quo is the impending threat of IP theft. Simply put, the Chinese are guilty of stealing intellectual property from the United States, and reaping the benefits of American labor, dealing a harsh blow to United States producers and its economy as a whole. While there are anti IP theft agreements in place, they seem to be doing very little, practically speaking, to effectively combat the problem. “…the enforcement mechanism I think is really the difficult sticking point in the current negotiation… I think the Chinese actually understand to a certain degree the value of protecting IP…we’ve been calling on them to do it for a while, now the real question is: do we trust the mechanisms that they want to put in place?”

The scope of the matter extends beyond United States and Chinese borders. Because of the size and influence of these two countries, our actions and policies extend beyond our own borders. “We want the Australians to be close to us, they certainly are, but they’ve benefited a lot from being close to or arguably within China’s sphere of influence. Australia is sort of the front line if you will of a lot of what the Chinese have tried to do with respect to influence activities…theres no question that the economic relationship between the US and Australia, uh, doesn’t hinge necessarily but is certainly affected by whats happening with Australia and China.”
Lanhey assured, “Theres some mutual dependence thats going on in terms of the economy of this country, the economy of China, and the better understanding there is around that mutual dependence, the better understanding there is around the fact that I think we do work better when we work together” At the end of the day, with such big global players, the only viable answer the impending problem of Chinese IP theft is education on the matter, acknowledgement of fault, and cooperation to fixing fall-outs, forging friendships, and fashioning a better future in the years ahead.

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