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Is Artificial Intelligence Used for Good?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot new technology that everyone is trying to get in on. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are two prime examples of AI that are in most of our homes every day. If you’re a low-tech person who tries to avoid our machine overlords as much as possible, you may be surprised. Even if you don’t have the latest gadget, you probably interact with AI often — whether it be through your email or social media. Even your bank is using AI to track your purchases. Neil Sahota joined Bold TV to let us know that AI can be, and is being, used for good.

How does AI work?

Sahota explains that AI works almost exactly as our minds do. The technology learns from observation, experience and data to make itself better and more accurate. So, if a bot is used to diagnose illnesses in remote areas, it will get better and better the more patients it sees. This is scary for some because of the images we see in movies and television when technology gets too smart. Sahota predicts that instead of taking over, AI will become part of us and make humans better and smarter. For example, AI already has been used to help visually impaired people see. Who knows what is next?

Is technology being used in the right way?

We already know about all of the ways technology is used for nefarious purposes. Deepfakes make people skeptical about what could be true, most smart technology and social media platforms are selling our data and most of our apps track where we are constantly. Sahota emphasizes that AI can be used for good and is used for good most of the time. Of course, as the free market lets different people in on the technology for different purposes, we could see trouble. But Sahota and his team at the United Nations are doing all they can to use this impressive technology for the good of humanity.


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