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This Baker Will Make You a Cake for Your Quarantine Birthday

While many of us were advised to shelter in place to slow the spread of coronavirus, many birthdays went un-celebrated. This was a blow, especially for those who struggle financially and couldn’t afford to splurge on a cake. Chris Tucker, the founder of Betta with Butta, started The Cake Initiative to provide individuals with a little sweet cheer during a tough time.

How you can get involved

The Cake Initiative donates a cake every week, with partners in Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Phoenix, Orlando, Tampa, Fla., and Las Vegas. If you have been economically impacted by the pandemic and would like to enter to receive a cake, just direct message Tucker on Instagram @betta_with_butta, and he can connect you with a partner in your area.

Now, if you’re looking to spread a little cheer and know a thing or two about baking cakes, then you can get involved as well. You don’t need to be an accredited baker with your own storefront or client list to participate in The Cake Initiative. You also can message Tucker and let him know that you’re ready to give away some of your treats for free to someone in need.

Advice for aspiring bakers

Tucker has some advice for anyone out there looking to get into baking either professionally or just for fun: “Throw out your measuring cups.” He wants everyone to hop on the kitchen scale wagon and forget about all of those cumbersome cups and spoons. It might seem wild, but according to this Great American Baking Show contestant, weight measurements are much more accurate than cups and tablespoons, and baking is considered more like a science than regular cooking. According to him, using gram and milliliter measurements make for more deliciously precise desserts. You can see for yourself by checking out his fall menu.


Sweet tooth? Check out this baker’s sugar-free sweets.

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