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Jay-Z and Pharrell Celebrate Black Entrepreneurship

Black people didn’t even own themselves when they came to this country, yet Black business ownership has been a staple since The Reconstruction era. Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z wrote a song celebrating Black entrepreneurship with the intention to inspire future entrepreneurs. Despite business savvy, the Black community has struggled in this country. Black people had to create opportunities for their community because they simply weren’t allowed in most spaces. Still, this wasn’t enough because of the inability to own land, the lack of generational wealth, and racist systems that remained in place. To this day, the wealth gap between Black and white Americans is huge, and this has everything to do with the history of ownership.

Rap to billions

Jay-Z became the first rapper to reach billionaire status in 2019. His story is the epitome of the American Dream. He went from selling drugs on the street to becoming one of the most successful Black people in music. Now, he uses his songs to teach people with similar backgrounds how to get on his level. His secret isn’t songwriting, it’s ownership and it’s entrepreneurship. He owns property, he owns art and he owns businesses. Now, he uses his power and his money to invest in others and their dreams.

You never know what’s in store future entrepreneur

Of course, entrepreneurship isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone. When you don’t have a lot, it can feel like there is no way to change your situation. But, like Pharrell Williams sings, “If you want to fly, take the leap/You gotta risk it all.” The music video that accompanies this song shows several Black entrepreneurs who took a risk, believed in their dreams and fought to make them happen. The video was obviously meant to inspire anyone watching, no matter their age, that they can try and possibly find success. But, if entrepreneurship isn’t for you, you can always support people and businesses that you believe in with your money and your time.

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