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5 Best Job Search Websites

5 Best Job Search Websites
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In the absence of newspaper classified ads, job search engines have taken over. Now, millions of jobs are posted across hundreds of sites. How do you know what is right for you? Bold TV breaks down the five best job sites.

  1. Glassdoor. If you want to get a peek into the inner workings of a company before you apply or agree to an interview, Glassdoor is there for you. The website features reviews from former and current employees, offering valuable insight into what actually goes on in a business.
  2. Handshake. The internship hub for every field. Handshake partners with colleges and universities to offer great, legitimate internships for students and recent graduates. 
  3. Upwork. Millennials are all about side hustles and making extra money, and Upwork gives you insight into all of the short-term contract opportunities in your area. You can find anything from building a website to proofreading papers. But beware — as an international platform, the jobs are quite competitive.
  4. Fiverr. Another opportunity to find side hustles. Fiverr offers shorter-term projects that are perfect for the hustler with a constantly changing schedule.
  5. State’s Unemployment Office. An unexpected source if you’ve never had to file for unemployment. These jobs are vetted by the government, so you know the opportunities are legitimate and legal! Of course, one downside is the clunkiness of government websites, but it’s still a valuable resource. 

Tailor Your Job Search

When looking for a job, the most important tip you can get is to be specific about what you’re looking for. Make sure you’re on the right site for your needs and are searching for the correct keywords. If you want to work for a person or company that shares your values, always do your research before agreeing to an interview. Check out this video with job expert Vicki Salemi for more job-hunting tips.

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