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WATCH: Music Industry Expert Explains How to Make it in the Music Business

WATCH: Music Industry Expert Explains How to Make it in the Music Business
Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

David Grasso and Julia Sun are back together for our latest episode of Bold TV! The music industry is difficult to break into, but our first guest is going to give some valuable advice. We will be joined by music industry expert, Ari Herstand, the creator of Ari’s Take and author of “How To Make It in the New Music Business.” 

*Update: Watch the full episode on Facebook and Twitter*

A Community For Web Series Creators

Our first guest is Ajay Kishore, the CEO and founder of Stareable, a platform to connect web series creators with each other, fans, and more. If you have a web-series or know someone who does, you may want to listen up. Kishore will share how he and his team help content creators monetize and publicize their work.

Learn More About Your Insurance Plan

Next, we will be joined by former Silicon Valley executive, Dan Karr, an industry watchdog and the founder of ValChoice, a free insurance grading website that allows consumers to see how comprehensive their auto insurer’s coverage actually is (or isn’t). Then, David Sudolsky and Suneet Bhatt from Boldr will explain their innovative business focused on outsourcing. They will let us know if outsourcing can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and the best ways to approach it.

Black Women Talk Tech

Last but not least, we have the co-founders of Black Women Talk Tech joining us. Regina Gwynn, Esosa Ighodaro, and Lauren Washington will tell us about their upcoming Road Map to Billions conference, and how the tech industry can do more to diversify.

See the full guest list here:

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Can Travis Scott Save McDonald’s? -
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Are you in the military? Needing a job? We have a few tips for you! Check it out!

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