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WATCH: Good Dee’s Founder Shares Sugar-Free Sweets for Heart Health Month!

WATCH: Good Dee's Founder Shares Sugar-Free Sweets for Heart Health Month!
Photo by emrecan arık on Unsplash

Is your heart prepared for Bold TV? David Grasso will be joined by a friend of Bold, Caroline Waxler. The pair will sample sweet treats prepared by the founder of Good Dee’s, Deana Karim. Karim’s low carb treats might be the perfect thing to celebrate heart health month. Join us live at 12PMET tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter to find out.

*Update: Watch the full episode on Facebook and Twitter*

Coffee With Our Sweets

Before the sweet treats, our hosts will sample a bold brew courtesy of Elisabeth Cardiello, the founder of Caffè Unimatic. She will share her journey into the coffee industry, which has allowed her to be featured on the Netflix documentary, “Coffee For All”. Cardiello and Caffè Unimatic are also using coffee to inspire bravery in schools, companies and in the community through their “Brave Conversations Over Coffee®” series. 

Heart Health Month

Next, do young people need to worry about their heart health? Dr. Steven Reisman, cardiologist, and director of the New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center, will help us celebrate National Wear Red Day and teach us everything we need to know about having and sustaining a healthy heart. Plus, advice on how to start your own medical practice!

Romanticize Your Finances

Finally, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and sources expect 9 million marriage proposals to be made on this day in 2020. Should young people take this chance on love, or wait and pay off their student loans before considering the walk down the aisle. Kelly Frawley and Emily Pollock, matrimonial and family law partners at Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, will explain how debt can impact weddings, marriages, and divorces. 

See the full guest list here:

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