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Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson Tells Us ‘What’s BOLD’!

Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

Turning Point USA held a conference in Washington DC called the Young Black Leadership Summit (YBLS). Hundreds of young black conservatives between the ages of 15 and 35 showed up to meet President Donald Trump and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. Lucky for us, Dee Dee Bass Wilbon, Bass Public Affairs co-founder, sat down with Dr. Ben Carson on behalf of Bold TV. He told her his impression of the even and let her know what he thinks is “Bold”!

The attendees got to hear from some great speakers, including Ben Carson, Stacey Dash, Brandon Tatum, and Candace Owens. We at Bold TV wanted to hear from the rising leaders watching, so Dee Dee went around the event to ask many of the young leaders in attendance “What is BOLD?”



13 hours ago
Women in music are always important to have their voices and music heard around the world. If you love music, check out this article by our very own @SabrinaHarleyy, as she describes @ladybugfest. #Womeninmusic #WomenSupportingWomen
14 hours ago
Good Morning and Happy Monday from Bold TV!
3 days ago
The surprising reason behind the California, Illinois, New York exodus to low-tax states.
3 days ago
LIVE: @BankoftheWest CMO tells us what banks really do with our money. Plus, job interview tips with @neilcanhelp. Then, our hosts @grassoroots & @juliasun_onair talk traveling during Covid, job hunting and credit cards.
4 days ago
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