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This MLK Day, We Must Remember to Stand With Immigrants

We love hearing Bold Contributor Yordanos Eyoel’s perspective on race and immigration in our country.

When Donald Trump was announced to be our next president, Yordanos, who was born in Ethiopia and recently obtained U.S. citizenship, wrote a letter to her fellow immigrants of color reminding us of the strength of the immigrant community.

In light of MLK Day, she has written another message addressing the state of race and immigrant relations in the United States.

“The juxtaposition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, just four days later, couldn’t be more symbolic of the fissures in our nation.”

She looks towards the upcoming Trump presidency and compares it to an Obama presidency.

“One of the most contentious policies that underscores this stark contrast between Obama and Trump is immigration. As an immigrant of color, I am deeply concerned about regressive immigration policies that threaten the well-being of children, families, men, and women of all ages. From the looming threat of a wall on the Southern boarder to deportation of millions, the Trump administration has unhinged any sense of psychological and physical safety many immigrants and refugees sought when entering America.”

Read her full article at The Huffington Post.

Yordanos is clearly very passionate about advocating for immigrants; she has started her own organization called Immigrants for America. She describes this as a “story campaign to showcase the diversity and vibrancy of the immigrant community through individual stories.” Yordanos’ work telling the stories of immigrants helps educate the country on the many aspects of the immigrant experience. She helps humanize this marginalized group that are often labeled as “other.”

We are so happy to have Yordanos as part of Team Bold. As she says regarding MLK Day, “This week will undoubtedly be emotional and there is a fight ahead of us. So, as we celebrate this MLK Day and his unrelenting commitment to civil rights, let’s remember to stand with immigrants.”

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