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Influencers Like Kendall Jenner Should Also Be Held Responsible, Says Critic Who Exposed Fyre Fest 

Ja Rule, as well as the social influencers who promoted Fyre Festival, should be held legally responsible, in addition to festival creator Billy McFarland, said Calvin Wells, the venture capitalist who created the Fyre Fraud Twitter account and was featured in the Netflix and Hulu Fyre Festival documentaries.

Millions of people followed the lead up to Fyre Festival in 2016 (and its subsequent 2017 failure), mainly due to a viral promo video featuring bikini-clad celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid and a coordinated campaign of “orange tiles” on social media from celebrities like Kendall Jenner.

Wells said these promotional Fyre posts from “social influencers” were presented as organic support, when in fact they were paid promotions for the festival, and his biggest concern is that these posts were not designated as ads.

“There [were] no disclosures,” Wells told Bold Life. “So then I don’t understand how you’re protected from selling something that’s not legitimate when you don’t disclose that it’s an advertisement.”

“If I were a victim of this, I would name every single [influencer] in a lawsuit,” he added.

Wells also told Bold Life that he thinks Ja Rule, who has said he too “was hoodwinked,” was “intimately aware of everything” and should be in jail along with McFarland; McFarland is currently serving a six-year sentence

Wells scoffed at Ja Rule’s new talent booking app, which critics say is just a rebranded version of the original Fyre app.

“No one wants to book Ja Rule anyway. I actually tried to book him for my own birthday party — I thought it was going to be funny…on his app, so I’ll let you know if he ends up accepting or not,” Wells told Bold Life.

What’s happening with Wells’ infamous Fyre Fraud Twitter account now that the buzz around the festival’s failure has died down? The account is promoting the Go Fund Me campaign for the Bahamian restaurant that was victimized by the festival, and Wells said he plans to give the account to the owners of the restaurant if they want it. He said he hopes to have “something positive” come out of all this. 

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