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Women’s Marches Around the World Embrace Intersectional Feminism

Post-Inauguration Women’s Marches were celebrated by many, however some asked if they were promoting intersectional feminism.

Intersectional feminism is taking into account how different identities affect how someone goes through life. For instance, a white woman experiences things differently from a black woman, or a queer woman, or a queer black woman, or a queer black woman with a disability. I’m sure you get it.

The wage gap is a good example of this: While white women make less than men, black women make even less and Hispanic women even less than that.

When having conversations about inclusion, we can’t be limited to gender. Events like last week’s Women’s Marches around the world must include the diverse group of people under the umbrella of “women,” whether that’s women of color, queer women, trans women, women with disabilities, immigrant women, etc. (As a marginalized gender, women should also include other marginalized genders, like agender and gender queer people.)

With millions marching worldwide on the day after Inauguration, these marches brought together women (and other genders) of many backgrounds and identities.

There were efforts made by march organizers to make sure that everyone – not just white women – would be represented at the event.

The march’s policy platform was very intersectional, however some were still (understandably) hesitant to go, worried it wouldn’t be inclusive. The feminist movement has a long history of overlooking anyone who’s not a white woman and we must continue to improve our movement.

It’s great to see diversity and intersectionality being promoted in any space, whether it’s in the street protesting, in politics, in the workplace, wherever. As we keep moving forward and keep being more inclusive, we will become more unified as a movement, and as a country.

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