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It’s clear social media is a part of our everyday routine. We wake up and immediately check the latest news on Twitter or see...

investing in stock investing in stock


Investing in the stock market is important, especially as a member of the Millennial or Gen-Z population. In 2020, 55% of Americans say they...


On the third Monday of every January since 1986, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The state of Illinois in 1973 was the...


In the wake of the Capitol Hill riot on Wednesday, social media platforms suspended all of President Donald Trump’s accounts permanently. Amidst Twitter’s claims...


It seems like this year will be the new era for social media, with companies banning users and pulling their servers from Parler. But...


It always starts with a tweet. This time around, the one and only Harry Styles has become the latest target of internet trolls. Thanks...

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Our host @Philip_Michael discussed Amazon India, #vaccines, #PPP, quitting your job, and more!

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Go Dash Dot Donated Their Inventory to Health Care Workers -
8 hours ago
Identify as your ideal future-self! Tag a friend who needs to hear this advice!

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It's #AskPhilip time! Have any Business questions you want our fabulous host @Philip_Michael to answer! Here is your chance! You might see yourself on our show! Send them our way through a tweet or DM us!
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Ask Philip: Advice For Recent College Graduates -
11 hours ago
Value yourself, and you will greater appreciate the value of your time. #tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations

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