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flu season needs flu season needs


In the past, we were lucky enough to debate whether we would be making time for the annual flu shot. However, this year it...

healthy food for de-stressing healthy food for de-stressing


Times are stressful for all of us, from the increased demands of remote work to helping children learn via Zoom. Plus, we can’t forget...


The quarantine 15 is real, and it came for just about every single person in America. We all want a perfectly sculpted body and...


Do you ever feel like a fraud, or that everyone around you in your career knows something you don’t, or like you’ve suddenly reached...


Health probably has been at the forefront of your mind in 2020. But there’s one area of your body that you may be neglecting:...


There’s an episode of Friends where Chandler Bing had a gym membership he never used. He tried to cancel the membership, but the gym...

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We're live! Tune in now for an all-new episode of #BoldLife! You don't want to miss this one! We talk about Halloween costume tips to making money from your home. We got you covered.
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We are 30 mins away from an all-new episode of #BoldLife make sure you tune in!
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From BoldTV, we would like to thank all the first responders during this time. #firstrespondersday
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Believe in what you do. It doesn’t make the hard days easier, but it does make them more rewarding. #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation
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In this week's edition of #BoldLife, Our host @OniHigginsTV discusses Halloween costume tips to making money from your home. We got you covered. Tune in @ 12 PM EST tomorrow! You don't want to miss it!
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Here’s How to Curb Election Season Anxiety -

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