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GOP Congresswoman: ‘Absolutely’ Democrats Would Impeach Trump if They Win the House

Should Democrats win leadership of the U.S. House, Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) said they would vote to impeach President Trump.
“Absolutely,” she told Bold TV when asked if she thought that a Speaker Pelosi would lead a vote to impeach President Trump. “She says she won’t, but I think she’ll get too much pressure from the real left wing of the Democratic Party to do that. Unfortunately, that’s where we are going right now.”
While Anthony Brindisi, her Democratic opponent and a New York State Assemblyman, hasn’t explicitly called for impeachment, Tenney said “My opponent, he’s been doing fundraisers with resisters who are advocating impeachment,” Tenney said. “He’s right there with them doing fundraisers, and their mission is to impeach.”

Brindisi is running against a Republican incumbent in a district that President Trump won by 15.3 points. Brindisi has received helped from national Democrats, including a major recent advertising blitz announced by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“Look he is trying to pretend that he’s not going to impeach the president,” Tenney sad. “If they take over the majority, of course they’re going to impeach the president and he will be part of that. He has a long record of not standing up to the leadership in his party. He does whatever Governor Cuomo wants him to do.”
Brindisi has said he would not support Pelosi for speaker, yet Tenney said he still accepting funds from Pelosi.
“A lot of Democrats I’ve spoken with, a lot of them aren’t happy with Nancy Pelosi, but she controls the purse strings, and they’re afraid to stand up against her because they’ve been punished for it, or they’ve been hurt in some way.”
I asked the congresswoman what her plan would be if she was able to retain her own seat in November but under a Democratic-led House that might push for impeachment. Tenney cited her membership in a bipartisan group of 45 freshman members of the 115th U.S. Congress in signing a February 2017 letter titled the “Commitment to Civility.” The pledge calls for “maintaining a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation” and that even if the lawmakers “may vehemently disagree on matters of law and policy,” they would “strive at all times to maintain collegiality and the honor of our office.”
Tenney said she would be disappointed if her colleagues choose to violate the spirit of that pledge, and she said she has a personal policy of not introducing any bill that isn’t bipartisan and that she wants to continue working with Democrats, regardless of who is in leadership.

“We signed a commitment to civility, which I’ve upheld,” Tenney said. “And in that commitment we have said that we would endeavor to introduce bills that were bipartisan. I have yet to introduce a bill that isn’t bipartisan. In fact, my staff gets frustrated sometimes because they want to put a bill out, and if I don’t have a Democratic co-sponsor, we don’t put it out. We amend the language, we work with Democrats to make sure every single bill I put out is bipartisan. I don’t have to do that ‘cause we’re in the majority, I do that because I think it’s important to represent all interests. I know what it’s like to be in an elected office where I represent everyone in my district no matter what their views are. We help everyone no matter what their views are, doesn’t matter what their party is, we help everybody. That is a long standing principle that I’ve had; my dad was a Supreme Court Justice who was very strong about service and serving everyone and I care about that.”

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