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Bold Founder Carrie Sheffield Featured on POTUS’ Facebook Page

On his Facebook page tonight, President Trump shared a conversation I had with his daughter-in-law Lara Trump about the problems of low trust that many voters have in the national mainstream news media.

President Trump posted: “91% of news coverage of me is negative. That’s why I expose the mainstream media for what they are – FAKE! If we don’t hold them accountable, we won’t get the truth!” along with the video below:

Lara Trump and I started the conversation discussing the Harvard study the President referred to showing the overwhelming bias against the Trump administration, far more negative than any of his predecessors under this tracking system. We discussed my work with Accuracy In Media, including our new scorecard to monitor liberal media bias. I also mentioned a “Fox & Friends” appearance that President Trump retweeted last year about how the national media is failing to truly represent We The People. When will the national media learn to truly believe in diversity & inclusion?

My Bold TV co-anchor Clay Aiken, never the bashful type, shared his thoughts with me about the conversation:

“Republicans control the Congress. Republicans control the White House. Conservatives control the Supreme Court. Republicans own the majority of governorships. Republicans control the majority of state legislatures. The most watched network in all of news (in fact in all of cable) is a conservative channel. EVERY SINGLE major newspaper that would be considered liberal, devotes considerable (and exclusive) space to conservative opinion writers. While exactly zero of the newspapers with a conservative bent print columns from liberal writers. And yet… the most reliable (and indisputable) measure of where the country as a whole stands on the ideological spectrum is the national presidential vote. A vote which the Republican candidate has won ONLY twice IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! Therefore, Republicans and conservatives have outsized influence on policy and basically have control of every single level of government … and yet they still bitch and moan incessantly! Nonstop.  

You are NOT being biased against. You are NOT being bullied. You RUN the f***** country. I have never heard such pitiful whining in my life outside of preschool.” 
What do you think? Clay and I will certainly continue this conversation on #BoldTV this Friday morning–make sure to join us on Facebook and Periscope at 10am EST. See you there!
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