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George Foreman to #BlackLivesMatter: ‘America’s Best Thing to Happen in Past 200 Years’

Heavyweight boxing legend George Foreman came from a hardscrabble start, literally fighting his way to international prominence in the ring. He later became a business phenom through his George Foreman Grill, selling more than 100 million units worldwide.

Foreman spoke at the recent Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, a celebration of free minds and free markets where I was invited to speak by America’s Future Foundation. He talked about his run-ins with the law as a young man and how he regularly skipped school until a cousin jolted him into disciplining himself for a brighter future.

Foreman also said he had a “love affair” with the American flag, which I asked him about during a Q&A session. I asked what he would say to the Black Lives Matter movement about his affection for America in light of his own experiences with police. His response was powerful:

“You know, the best thing that’s happened to me, and I think the best thing that’s happened to ‘most everybody, to be honest with you as I’ve traveled the world, the best thing that’s happened to the world, probably in the last 200 years, is the United States of America.

Everyone is going to have to have an opportunity to search it out for themselves, and the conclusion is: if you love your country, you make it a better place. If you love it. It’s like every year, you’ve got to go out in the farm and cut hay and pack it away. There’s no one-year fix-it, and it’s going to be fixed forever. I fell in love with this country, and just think all things are possible.”

Yes, Foreman achieved mammoth successes that most of us can only dream of. But this spirit of perseverance, teamwork and optimism on all sides is what will help us achieve the progress in this country.

Watch the full exchange below:

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