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Bold TV: Can Trump Unify America?

This week on Bold TV, we ask: what can President Donald Trump do can to unify America?

Last week, we looked at Trump’s relationship with Russia. This conversation has been especially relevant this past week; we have since learned of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation, Russia’s treaty-violating missile placement, and a greater push for an investigation into Trump’s Russia connections.

Now, we’re bringing our discussion back to the U.S. to think about tension and division across our country.

A December Gallup poll shows Trump’s presidential transition approval rating was at 48 percent, notably lower than Trump’s predecessors. With constant protestsproblems building his team, and pushback from his own party, it certainly doesn’t feel like Trump has unified the American people.

To help us answer the question of what can Trump do to unify America, we will be joined by Jeremy Binckes and Oz Sultan. Jeremy was on Bold TV when we discussed Obamacare, and we are glad to welcome him back. He is a Cover Editor at Salon Media Group, and has previously been an Editor at New York Daily News and Yahoo, among others.

Oz Sultan is a Big Data and Counterterrorism Strategist who has worked with U.S. PeaceTech Lab, The Economist, and other corporate and government clients over the past decade. A conservative Muslim pundit and former Trump Campaign Policy Surrogate, he is actively working to build interfaith dialogue and prevent radicalization.

For our weekly Opportunity Lives segment, we will hear from Dave Schools about The ASL app. This is an app that teaches American Sign Language in a way that is more engaging than reading and looking at pictures. Dave is a contributing writer for Opportunity Lives, a writer and editor of Entrepreneur’s Handbook, and a strategist at Viget.

Learn more about our guests here:

Be sure to join us on BoldTV on Facebook Live and Periscope Friday at 10a.m ET. As always, we want you to join the conversation and put your thoughts in the comments! See you tomorrow!

Photo by Gage Skidmore

*Update: Watch our full episode below*

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