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Don’t Be Surprised If Christine Quinn Runs For NYC Mayor Again

After running and losing the race for New York City Mayor in 2013, we shouldn’t be surprised if Christine Quinn comes back and runs for mayor again this year.

New York mayor Bill de Blasio and six other candidates are confirmed to run for office this October. Former Speaker for the New York City Council, Christine Quinn, could be the eighth candidate as she has not denied that she’s considering running for Mayor again this November.

In a recent interview I conducted with Christine, she was pleased to talk about her organization WIN, which provides housing and aid to homeless families in New York City. When I asked her what she thought about the mayoral race happening this year, she only commented, “we have a great democratic system in which anyone is able to run for office.”

Though Christine’s intentional avoidance of my question didn’t confirm her intention to run for office, it definitely wasn’t a denial either.

In discussing the election, Christine again expressed her approval of the democratic process, saying, “if people want to run, they should run.” When explaining the beauty she finds in these elections, she ended with, “time will tell, and we will see … and one of the great things about running for office is whether you win, you lose; you lose, you win — whatever your order is, you have got to be resilient.” She then pulled the conversation back to her organization WIN, showing her desire to get on a topic that can promote the work she’s doing and avoid anymore questions about running for mayor.

When I asked for her thoughts on the possibility of Hillary Clinton joining the race for mayor, she only explained how they both have experienced great loss in recent elections — though she had just stressed to me the importance of being resilient.

These contradictions should have all of us on our toes, and we shouldn’t let Christine slip out of our radar as the final candidates for mayor join the race.

Watch the video of my live interview with Christine Quinn from Inauguration Day, and don’t be surprised if we hear an announcement soon of her intent to run for New York City Mayor.

Photo by Boss Tweed

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