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This YouTuber Got 1 Million Subscribers By Never Catering to the YouTube Algorithm

“On YouTube, the algorithm changes on a daily basis…You should never tailor [your content] to the algorithm,” Megan Batoon, an actress, dancer and social media influencer with more than 1 million YouTube subscribers, told Bold Life.

Batoon said one day YouTube will favor 10 minute videos and the next day it will favor two minute videos.

“I think the one thing that anyone can grow with is being super authentic and being really consistent,” said Batoon, who has built up her online following through popular videos that cover dance, beauty, comedy and more. “I think those are the two things that can go for anybody on the internet.”

In addition to avoiding the algorithm trap, Batoon shared that cross promotion and word of mouth are other ways to help a social platform grow. She spoke about how her career is a combination of her creativity — making fun content — mixed with her business mind — marketing a brand. “I feel like I’m much more of a business woman than a YouTube person, but I’ll take either,” she said.

The fact that I get to have fun on a daily basis is really cool. Basically I kind of get paid to play,” said Batoon. She pointed out while analytics and going into the backend “may stifle the creativity, it’s still at the base level fun.” 

The influencer is branching into other platforms as well; she was featured in Revlon’s “Live Boldly” campaign and has started her own podcast, “Just A Tip,” giving advice to young adults.

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Photo Credit: Megan Batoon

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