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Dirty Ice Cream: NYC’s Coolest Mess

Sometimes it’s fun to make a mess. If that mess also happens to be creamy, sweet, indulgent ice cream, then congratulations – you’ve just made your inner kindergartner very happy.

CoolMess is New York City’s newest and coolest ice cream parlor on the Upper East Side. Like many frozen treat purveyors in the city, they offer a candy wall, sundaes, cones, shakes, and twenty delicious gelato flavors. What sets CoolMess apart is their game-changing take on the concept of “Messipe,” which Urban Dictionary defines as, “a bunch of ingredients that somehow turns into an edible dish.”

CoolMess lets anyone and everyone make their own ice cream right at the table. Customers choose between a vanilla or chocolate base and can add three mix-ins from a rather extensive list that includes cookie dough, walnuts, strawberries or gummy bears. Everything goes into the tabletop uber-frozen mixing bowl, ice cream maker that freezes the whole concoction in just eight minutes.

Both ice cream bases are organic and egg-free, and patrons have the overwhelming choice of dozens of mix-ins. If it seems like too much to choose from, Messipe suggestions like “Birthday Cake” or a peanut butter-themed “After School Special,” simultaneously make it easier to choose a dessert while sending you spiraling into childhood nostalgia.

Despite its chilly debut this past January, the “modern, old-fashioned” dessert spot hasn’t struggled for business. CoolMess’ success is largely thanks to its primo location – sitting atop the burger hotspot and Lexington Avenue comfort food staple, Burger Heaven. Both businesses are owned by Marguerite Loucas, who is part of a family that has owned restaurants on New York’s 62nd street for seventy years. This family affair extends to CoolMess, where heavy emphasis is placed on good, clean fun for kids – whether they be kids in age or kids at heart (and stomach).

What will you create next? #CoolMess #coolisthenewhot

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After being seduced by one of their excellent social media campaigns, this journalist and a friend found ourselves eating way past fullness, with no regrets of just stopping short of licking everything clean.

If the mix-in concept makes you think of the Dairy Queen Blizzard, let me tell you from personal experience, CoolMess is in a league of its own. For about $27 after taxes for two people, it is definitely not an everyday treat, but that’s all the better for both our waistlines and our wallets.

If you’re ever in the area and it’s your birthday, payday, or simply a nice day, stop by and test your chops as an ice cream connoisseur and creator. If you’re more sophomoric than skilled don’t worry about getting the cold shoulder, because at CoolMess, it’s actually cool to make a mess.

Grade: A


Mugs are for more than just coffee ☕️ #icecream #coolisthenewhot

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