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Tama Fulton

Tama Fulton is a creative media maven, on-air radio broadcaster, feature writer, live events host, keynote speaker and executive communications strategist. She co-founded Callisto Media Consulting ( with her childhood friend and business partner, John Hudson Messerall, to harness their mutual talents, helping raise audience awareness in two key messaging areas, live event presentation and written content creation. Tama and John are also the hosts of the recently launched podcast series titled, “True North Story,” which focuses on inspiring, encouraging and motivating others to search for their own True North Story, by offering hope and engagement with the extraordinarily unique, yet distinctively different voices of their guests. Her passion for health and wellness also knows no bounds, as a triathlete, she has completed in several half marathons, participated in numerous cycling tours and is a certified yoga instructor who believes in the power of breath. Tama’s first grade teacher once accused her of being a daydreamer and she still owns this observation, claiming it to be her single greatest compliment! Born and raised in Chicago, she is a lover of all things “Windy City,” an Arizona State Sun Devil alum and a strong believer in irony, especially as a white-knuckle flyer who married a commercial airline pilot.
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