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Shynna Key

Author~Speaker~Financial and Business Empowerment Coach Shynna Key is a contributor at and Bold.Global that has over 14 years of financial and business experience. She has been in the Real Estate Industry, Operated and Owned a Commercial Cleaning business as well as worked in Corporate America in the Mortgage Industry. She has always had the knack for encouraging others. She believes that with her experience and knowledge she should be presenting information in an easy to understand manner. Her advice and coaching has touched many lives in the areas such as Finances, Entrepreneurship, Budgeting, Credit, Investing and Building Multiple Streams of Income. Shynna Key- The Financial Fanatic, mission is to inspire you to recondition your mindset to understanding that Wealth is a Mindset, to become Financially Empowered which is the key to Financial Freedom/Success. With her Empowerment you will learn to love your new relationship with your finances! Shynna is a proud mother and wife that resides in Atlanta, GA. She is a member of the Atlanta's Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) and Atlanta's Urban Professional and have been featured on number of radio stations. For booking visit
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