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John Hudson Messerall

John Hudson Messerall is a creative visionary, messaging specialist, branding consultant, entrepreneur and wordsmith with 20 years of experience creating unique and unparalleled stories for his clients. As co-founder of Callisto Media Consulting, ( along with his childhood friend and business partner, Tama Fulton, John works with thought leaders, corporate executives and creative visionaries, assisting with strategic direction, awareness initiatives and the creation of authentic messaging and branding designed to differentiate and resonate with multiple audiences and key demographic groups. John is also a co-host of the recently launched podcast series titled, “True North Story,” which focuses on inspiring, encouraging and motivating others to search for their own True North Story, by offering hope and engagement with the extraordinarily unique, yet distinctively different voices of their guests. John’s love for art is another passion, from acting both in film and on stage, to writing several dramatic screenplays and television pilots, including authoring his first fictional novel. As a Chicago native, John is a lover of deep-dish style pizza, all local sports teams (except the White Sox), an alumnus of both Valpo (undergrad) and Mercer (graduate) and is a huge proponent of American classic cinema. He is willing to engage anyone with whom he can share his knowledge, while learning even more about film noir, pre-code and the silents over a great cup of coffee.

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