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Chava Goldstein

Chava Goldstein is a consultant at a management consulting firm working with Private Equity firms. She devotes her spare time to understanding the issues that permeate the Middle East and how she can help make an impact to create a safer and more secure world.
9 hours ago
Is Indoor Dining OK Again? The Future Is Uncertain -
11 hours ago
Is It Time to Break Up Big Tech? -
12 hours ago
Should We Censor Classic Books and Movies? -
13 hours ago
Indoor dining. Is it time to open up? Tweet us your thoughts! 🍴🍽

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14 hours ago
Make kindness less unique and more commonplace. #WednesdayMotivation #wednesdaythought
1 day ago
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Our host @Philip_Michael discussed Amazon India, #vaccines, #PPP, quitting your job, and more!

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