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Denise Mobolaji Ajayi Williams

Challenging the traditional roles women are often cast to play, Denise Mobolaji Ajayi-Williams has created a revolutionary organization for women worldwide to be a part of. Denise’s organization “Working Moms in 20’s” comes from a unique concept all her own, the idea that women can redefine their position in history and establish themselves as the true leaders that they are to their homes and communities. “Women are the pillars of communities,” asserted Denise, “They are the driving force of success, stability, and growth.” The mission of the organization is to theoretically go back to the 1920’s and to rewrite history, celebrating our racial, cultural, ethnic, and religious differences while making visible the parts of history not often celebrated. Denise’s vision is to go back in time to create a mindset that there are no limitations for women and highlight the unsung female heroes. In addition to being the founder of “Working Mom in 20s” Denise is a mother, wife of Hayden Williams III (her husband Pre-Med Student at University of San Francisco, Healthcare Innovator & Professional), she is a child of God, and like most moms a truly ambitious woman taking on the world.
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