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10 Reasons to Dump Last Winter’s Clothes

Photo by Nick de Partee on Unsplash

Many people like to preserve clothes, trust me, I know I’m one of them. But as seasons change and new styles are released, I encourage you to shop new. Here’s why:

10. Your Social Media Friends Will Know – It’s obvious everybody loves a selfie or two to post on Instagram, or Snapchat. Just make sure you are not wearing the same exact outfit from your #tbt (Throwback Thursday) post, with a caption – “Loving my new sweater” – social media trolls are out there, and they are ready to call you out one emoticon at a time.

9. Winter Colors Are Ever Changing – Each year there’s always a popular Fall or Winter color that is in style according to popular trend setting fashion magazine. No, you cannot decide to do your own thing, it is important to not resist the change in fashion, it only helps you evolve artistically and creatively. At least that what it does for me.

8. Fitness – Did you Gain More Muscle and Lose Some Weight? – It seems as if everybody is working out these days and maybe when you purchased last Winter’s fitness apparel it does not quite fit the same this Winter. So go ahead, you have my permission to splurge for a new fitness wardrobe. In this instance shopping new for fitness gear, is literally good for your health.

7. The Unpredictable Weather – Last year’s boots did not make it through the harsh weather conditions, in fact you wore out your favorite winter boots from your daily commute. I suggest you pick up a NEW pair of boots for this winter, and keep it moving – It’s a necessity! How else are you suppose travel comfortably in unpredictable weather? 

6. Finances – Maybe last few years you took a hiatus from shopping, and your full closet is the misconception that you will recycle your look year after year, yet you wonder why you are still single or your significant other does not take you out. Do not lose your spark, shop smart, and buy what you can afford, at the best price. You can also shop a trendy resale store or boutique for great deals.

5. Memories- Going through things is a part of life but wearing the same outfit or winter coat from last year might bring memories from losing a job, a boyfriend or even your puppy or cat. It’s the “I get rid of it, the old sentimental value routine!” However, Italian Vogue is not going to wait for you, it will continue to reinvent the way see fashion today. But on another note, letting go of material possessions with sentimental ties, will give you a fresh start and a positive outlook forward.

4. Damaged- You know that one wool coat you wear every Winter and the zipper just gave out or some of the buttons are missing, or maybe those winter boots that are stained and you’ve tried everything from soap and water to vinegar and salt to repair them. Well now will be a good time to get rid of them and buy some new attire.

3. Trendy- Each year styles change along with seasons and more than likely your Winter sweaters or boots are not in this season. Being trendy is what’s in! Do not get lost in the times, stop being resistant to change and artistic evolution, get with the times and flex your style muscle.

2. Mirror, Mirror – Sometimes we tend to try on clothes and maybe the neckline of a sweater is stretched out. And dryers are notorious for shrinking clothes. Go ahead and drop by the nearest department store and try on some new winter gear. You’re only trying to keep warm so it’s ok to invest in a new one. If you look good, you feel good.

1. Deals- Who doesn’t love a bargain or a steal on a nice shirt or jeans? My point is, that no one wants full price. If you are a bargain hunter like many us,  keep a lookout for coupons via direct mail, email, or through subscribed programs where your points accumulate to discounts.  Finding great deals on a new wardrobe is always a good time to lose your old collection and pay it forward!


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