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WATCH: Dream Hotel Group CEO Explains the Secret to His Company’s Success!

Welcome back to Bold TV! Join our hosts, David Grasso and Julia Sun, and watch live at 12PMEST on Facebook and Twitter.

*Update: Watch the full episode on Facebook and Twitter*

Jay Stein, CEO of Dream Hotel Group will be joining us to discuss the latest in hotel trends and how his company is competing with AirBnb. Next, Chris Winfield and Jen Gottlieb, co-founders of Super Connector Media, will share steps Americans can take now in order to protect your career from potential recession.

Co-Founder of Gemological Science International(GSI), Debbie Azar will talk about social responsibility in the diamond industry and lab-grown diamonds. Then, Dan Miller, co-founder of Fundrise and CEO of Steward, will discuss the world’s first “crowdfarming” platform and how it allows people to invest in sustainable farms.

Klay Williams, author of “There is Only Plan A: A Journey Toward Self Discovery and Renewed Purpose”, will explain how companies can invest in their employees personal and professional well-being.

Make sure to tune into tomorrow’s show at 12PM ET on Facebook and Twitter and join the conversation! See our full guest list here:

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