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Former Ambassador Involved in Rebuilding Ground Zero After 9/11 Shares His Story

It has been 18 years since 9/11. Former U.S. ambassador Charles Gargano visited Bold TV to discuss his new book, “From the Ground Up: Rebuilding Ground Zero to Re-engineering America” and his involvement in building One World Trade Center and the 9/11 memorial on ground zero.

“Governor Pataki made some major decisions,” Gargano said when asked about how the plans to rebuild were made. “We were on 16 acres before that attack. [Pataki] said, ‘We’re only going to build on 8 and the other 8 acres are going to be reserved in honor of those who lost their lives.”

Gargano told Bold TV that some people were frustrated by the length of time it took to build on ground zero. As a man who started working in construction in his teens and advanced to become the executive vice president and general supervisor at J.D. Posillico Engineering and Construction Company, Gargano knows more than the average New Yorker about building skyscrapers.

“Some people at the time who didn’t understand the order of magnitude of rebuilding this project that had to be done just right as something that is going to be there for a long long time, most — not most — but some people were complaining that it was taking too long, but it wasn’t taking too long,” Gargano explained to Bold TV. “Everything was built in nine or ten years. Those of you who know about skyscrapers in Manhattan know that just to build one takes five, six, seven years. We wanted to do this just right, so we hired the best architects in the world to design the buildings, and then, of course, we have a museum there now and a memorial.”

When Bold TV asked how 9/11 has changed New York and America, Gargano said, “We all were joined together after that attack. Americans were so solidly together. Many were volunteering in the morning with coffee, with water, with something to eat for all of those workers who were going down to ground zero to work everyday, who were all subject to diseases because of the terrible damage that was done and the conditions and atmosphere that they were working in, and many have lost their lives since.”

The former ambassador told Bold TV that he wants everyone to pick up his book, “From the Ground Up,” because he wants people to know that they did what had to be done and everyone worked together to rebuild. He said that he believes those who were lost “would be proud of what has been built.”

Any and all profits that are made from this book will be donated towards charity.

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