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Veterans Are Dying Waiting For Medical Care. This Must Stop.

Photo by Benjamin Faust on Unsplash

Bold Blend looks at why America’s veterans are being left behind.

From Iraq War veteran Rob Smith on Bold Blend: “America’s veterans are not getting the care and support they deserve. Some veterans live hours away from the nearest clinics and are met with long wait times and substandard treatment. At least 40 veterans died waiting for care at on VA Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. That scandal was infuriating, congressional action was taken to provide better care for veterans.

Veteran Barry Copes complained that his VA doctor has known about his pain for a year before he was given a colonoscopy. By the time the doctors found his baseball-size tumor, he was already at stage 4 cancer. He died recently at 46.

Sometimes it seems like our presidential candidates are not too concerned about our vets and it’s battling both sides of the aisle. Hillary Clinton says that the scandals of the VA are not a widespread problem. Family members who have died waiting for service may tell her that’s not quite true. Donald Trump says that when soldiers serving oversees hitting IED, they go for a little ride upward and they come down. Soldiers who have lost limbs and lives from hitting IED would tell him that’s not true.

How do we get beyond bombast, rhetoric, and empty promises to fight for those who have fought for our country?”


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